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  • Kinderdance®

    Kinderdance® for boys and girls, ages 3-5, is a developmental dance, motor skill, music, and fitness program. Kinderdance® is a 3-year program that progresses through 3 levels. Parents enjoy signing their child up for our enrichment program that teaches the basics of Ballet, Tap, Acrobatics and Creative Movement all while incorporating educational concepts. Children dance to original and familiar child friendly music while learning from Kinderdance® certified teachers / instructors. The program provides children with the potential to be creative, express themselves through movement while building strong muscles and social skills. Our age appropriate educational concepts reinforce what children are learning at home and in daycare, which builds self-confidence and self-esteem, making for very happy children.

    Dance with Me®

    Kinder “Dance with Me”® (ages 15-24 Months) Its curriculum offers age appropriate exposure to developmental milestones through dance and sensory-motor activities while nurturing …


    Kindertots® (age 2) is designed to develop the total child through gross motor skills, movement creativity, physical development and body awareness while learning age appropriate…

    Kids Yoga

    Kids Yoga (ages 3-5, 6-8, 9-12) in a non-spiritual, non-religious program that promotes the development of a strong and flexible body, increases balance, mind-body awareness…


    Kindercombo® (ages 6-8) is a combination Ballet, Tap dance program developmental designed for young school age children. This gives the young dance student a healthy and…


    Kindergym® is a developmental floor gymnastics program with emphasis on fun, social and gross motor development, physical fitness and movement education while…


    Kindermotion® (ages 3-5, 6-8, 9-12) is a fitness and sports readiness program with developmentally designed curriculum. Classes focus on education through motor skills, physical development, fitness, nutrition, creative thinking, and imagery which prepares students’ minds and bodies for athletic and academic pursuits.

    Kamp Kinderdance®


    Kamp Kinderdance® is an extended summer program that blends numerous techniques and movements from one or more of our enrichment programs: Kinderdance, Kindergym, Kindertots, Kindermotion, Kindercombo, and Kids Yoga.

    Our goal is to continue the children’s learning process through the summer months in a fun, creative, and exciting way. Kamp Kinderdance® aims to prepare children for the upcoming school year while keeping them active and entertained through short mini camps or extended week-long camps. Children will enjoy Kamp Kinderdance® sessions full of movement sequences. Typically, most camps include obstacle courses consisting of hoops, balls, tunnels, parachutes, bean bags, or other fun equipment in addition to their program activities.

    LCF Fun Languages Australia is the leading provider of Kids and Toddlers Language Courses

    “The fun way to learn another language”

    Children learn through a combination of drama, storytelling, technology, songs, craft, and games. They rapidly acquire enough knowledge and confidence to enjoy using the language for communication and expression. LCF Fun Language programs are designed to give children the confidence to speak in either French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Italian or German