• “I wish I had discovered Kinderdance® sooner. I wasn’t happy working as an office administrator and bookkeeper. I really wanted to work with children. My husband Wayne discovered Kinderdance®. He thought a franchise was the way to go in starting a business venture. He came home excited one day and said, “I found the perfect business for you.” Kinderdance® works well with our young family. I don’t teach at night or on weekends. I can take my son to preschool and never miss an important event. I’ve never worked in any field that was as rewarding as this. No matter what kind of mood I am in, when I show up at a center and hear the first little voice exclaim “Miss Angie”, I have a smile on my face that lasts the whole day.”

      Angie Lundin, (Former-Office Administrator/Bookkeeper)
    • “Opening a Kinderdance® franchise in New York City was extremely challenging, marketing and teaching via subway and bus rather than a car. After a year and a half, I have over 600 children enrolled in the program and employ three teachers. My dance experience was little more than a good sense of rhythm, and my corporate background was very different from educating young children. However, the thorough training and continuing follow-up support gave me the confidence and ability to teach the programs myself as well as train other teachers.”

      Carol Baird, New York, New York (Former-Marketing/Sales/Personnel Manager)
    • “Your initial training was excellent, your follow-up training and annual conferences really helped. The Kinderdance® full service philosophy of offering something for every child, (Kinderdance®, Kindergym®, Kindertots®, and Kindercombo®) allows us to offer expanded services and increases our profit potential. My Kinderdance® experience has been personally rewarding and purchasing a Kinderdance® Franchise has proven to be one of the better decisions I have made during my life.”

      -Darcy, Washington (Former-Flight Attendant)
    • “You changed my life in 1986! That’s when I started working for Kinderdance® as a teacher in your company owned locations. The programs and the concept were so outstanding that I decided to purchase my own Franchise for the local area. I’ve watched the company grow from only a few Franchisees to your present position with Franchisees throughout the country and a leader in your field. As a recipient of your “Franchisee of the Year” award, you have my vote as “Franchisor of the Year.”

      -Devin McHugh, Indian Harbour Beach, Florida (Former-Executive Secretary)
    • “I finished all the “Year End” demonstrations and the kids were great! The parents were thrilled and I was so proud. I have had a wonderful year of Kinderdance® and I thank each of you for helping me through my first year. I had a great feeling about Kinderdance® when I first started researching it and now after my first year as a franchisee I couldn’t be more pleased.”

      -Donna Vincler, Brentwood, Tennessee.